Truth Or Dare Date

If the partner you’re dating is the type that is willing to try and do daring things, a truth or dare date out on the town can be a lot of fun and bring in a bit of adventure to the evening out.

This type of date is easy to set up. Simply pick a number of spots in your area to visit. Go to the first spot and play a game of truth or dare giving each person three to five turns. After the turns are finished, move onto a new spot and ask another series of truth and dare questions.

The places you choose to go don’t have to have any particular element since the entertainment of this dating game is doing the various dares that the other gives in addition to telling all the truths. That being said, areas that have a large number of people can make the dares much more exciting and make the date more interesting.

Where ever you choose to go, remember to keep things playful and fun and you’ll have a wonderful time, learn a lot about your date and have great memories to tell in the years to come.