Follow Them Date

This is one of my favorite dates since there is no telling where you might go, what you might see and what you might do. Best of all, it doesn’t cost a cent to do.

Pick a spot to start that has a lot of people. Take some time looking around and pick somebody out of the crowd. The date for the evening is to follow that person where ever he or she goes. In essence, your date becomes whatever the person you chose happens to be doing that evening.

If it comes to a point where person you’re following has stopped or you can no longer follow them, you can simply pick another person to follow. You’re bound to have loads of laughs as you attempt to stay with your designated guide.

If you decide to do this date, warn your date ahead of time to wear clothing that will be comfortable for walking and dress appropriate for the weather. There’s nothing that will turn the date into a disaster faster than improper shoes for a lot of walking, or clothes that don’t fir the weather conditions.