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Reader Date Suggestions

Reader Date Suggestions

I know it is out of season, BUT, my husband and I go on a 'pumpkin picnic'...we go to a field and find our very bestest pumpkin, then go to a park and have a 'hot' picnic...maybe homemake soup, stew, chowder or chili in a thermal beverage carrier, sandwiches and hot cider...we pick a park where there are a lot of 'falling' leaves so we can enjoy the season...if you use chili or pork and beans as your 'hot' item, you can also put hotdogs in the container and they will be nice and hot when you are ready for them...

Bring a blanket or something to sit on, as picnic tables might be wet that time of year, bring a plastic tablecloth, and a camera...enjoy your time together listening to the sounds of fall and hearing the leaves fall!

a couple of other ideas are:

Go to the web site of all of your local 'things' i.e. zoo, symphony, opera, get the idea.....many usually have 1 free time a month to see their specialty...

Also check with the library to see what they are offering, the local Sunset club..if you like Bluegrass music, that is usually a free outing, just bring your chair and enjoy the outdoor jam...

Many states have covered bridges...look on the internet to find if your state does and take a picnic, or a dessert picnic...

Learn the history of your area...go see the monuments and see what they say...and why...

-- Barbara Lewis

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