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Day Hike

Going on a day hike is a wonderful date that will allow you plenty of time to talk about a variety of subjects. Use the natural scenery in your area and pack a picnic lunch for the afternoon.

You probably will want to check out the hiking course before hand and make sure that it fits both of your abilities. Picking a strenuous day hike course when your partner is anticipating a nice easy walk can turn what should be a fun date into the opposite.

Make sure to pack some sunscreen and plenty of water or thirst quenching drink. Being prepared will go a long way to making sure the date goes over well.

Also anticipate the distance and time of the day hike allowing for plenty of places to stop and rest so that you can enjoy a leisurely pace. This will also ensure that you return in time for any other commitments either of you might have.

If you aren't sure of any hiking trails in your are, contact your local parks and recreation department. They should have a list of nature trails in your area or you can go to a website such as to find hiking trails near to where you live.

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